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1/21/08 07:57 pm

I watched a Bible video on the "Good Sameritian" and now I'm really inspired!

Thank you God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

12/31/07 10:24 pm - Wow....

Jesus did so much for us. It is time for more people to know about it. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ai.blC.OblfX10P4uwZ5GakjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20060914181419AAKnALr

Thank you God, Jesus and whoever put that on Yahoo questions/answers type thing.

12/31/07 10:55 am - What Do You Have To Say? - My Resolution For 2008

What's your New Year's Resolution?

To start reading the Bible more often and to help God and Jesus put a stop to abortion! n_n

11/22/07 09:11 am - Today is the day....

I'm leaving LJ, so goodbye everyone and happy holidays!

I've go to turn my life over to God and today is the day to do it!

So, good bye to everyone on here.

11/18/07 08:55 pm - The choice is mine....

There comes a time in life when you have to choose between what is right and what is wrong and time is hardly an option

You may not see it right away, but in the future it could make all of the difference

When the seconds have ticked away and you have to pick something with no time left to spare, what is your choice; the responsible thing that you know is right or the thing that seems more apealing?

When the time comes will you be ready to stick up for what is right not for what looks good on the outside yet not on the inside?

Will you be ready to decide what tomorrow holds by your decissions today?

Remember you're responsible for what could affect the rest of eternity....

[b]the choice is yours[/b]

I have to choose rather or not to continue with ROVA. If I leave than I'll leave it up to God. I have to find someone who will continue on for me though. *sighs* It's hard to let go of something like this, but this choice may affect things for the rest of eternity.... the choice is mine.

11/10/07 07:13 pm - So close....

I'm so close to leaving.... I have a feeling I'm going to be leaving before the new year comes.

10/2/07 07:00 pm - I guess...it will be soon.

Now I know the only thing that's keeping me on the forums is SOVA. I feel like I have to say goodbye soon. Although, we may not know why God has a purpose for everything. Someday, I may know mine.... I think that's what SOVA was really for. SOVA got me to talk to HM, and than, thanks to her, I learned more about God/Jesus.

I can say this: SOVA was/is not in vain.

9/20/07 07:48 pm

It seems like the grown-ups in my life won't be able to help me. They probably don't understand..... It seems like only God/Jesus can help me now.

7/7/07 09:48 pm - 777 and Angel!

Ok, today is 7-7-7, and I think today has been quite lucky! Also, two years ago today, I caught a shiny Zigzagoon! She is now a shiny Linoone, named Angel!

7/5/07 04:42 pm - It's happening again....

I can just imagine hugging Angel, my shiny Linoone.... saying good bye. The weird thing is I'm not exactly ready to let go. I'm not exactly sure what's happening to me.... Maybe it's just some of the characters, but not my most importent ones. Although, Angel is really importent to me.
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